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    Montee ABBIA face marche des fleurs, Yaounde

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    Welcome to AURA CAMEROON.

    Your Water Solutions!


    Aura Cameroun LLC specialises in the treatment of water for human consumption. We serve clients ranging from individuals, to businesses and hospitals. We have a wide array of water-solutions equipments for our clients including water purifiers and domestic or industrial reverse osmosis systems. Our suppliers include top organisations in the water treatment sector like J&D water, Ihlas Holdings and American Purepro.

    What we do :

    • Providing households with state-of-the-art technologies for water treatment at home
    • Offering top quality portable water in our branches
    • Helping rural populations gain access to clean water through the building of fountains and water cleaning systems in rural areas
    • Providing businesses, industrial complexes and hospitals with appropriate and efficient water solutions for their needs and activities

    Our technologies get rid of all dirts and particles in your water. Our purifiers and reverse osmosis devices will eliminate all germs, odors and chemical substances from your water

    We are confident, we can meet your expectations of gaining access to clean, pure and quality drinkable water be it at home, in your office or your industrial facility.

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