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    Carreffour Biyem Assi, SOCROPOLE Building, 3rd Floor., Yaounde

    T 76 11 54 93
    M 749 029 54

    Type: Service

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    Designed to enhance productivity and improve performance, Information Technology has come to be an integral part of many businesses today. However, many surveys today prove that all the tools and techniques are very often under-utilised or omitted in our daily operations.

    Information Technology has also become a fast-growing career for millions today, and its ever-growing nature provides several options and avenues where individuals can benefit from while making it a fairly good source of income for them and their families.

    Information Technology At It's Best

    Information Systems design, Installation, Support, Audit and control, Quality Assurance. Our Domains of Expertise ranges from introducing you to IT, to making you a full-time Specialist in your domain. 


    We have designed our processes to address the main difficulties IT Professionals face when tackling their job roles, and looking for a job both locally and Internationally. We make you competent and well prepared to face the Job Market with confidence.


    Working with our Clients, we make sure we understand their needs and provide excellent service at very competitive prices. We are also well equipped to provide After Sales Services to enhance and maximise your IT Acquisition and investments.

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