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    Cameroon Diving Services Ltd
     Cameroon Diving Services Ltd
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    Carrefour eto,o Fils Bonamoussadi, Douala

    T 661 73 50 50
    M 670 49 76 63

    Type: Service Maritime
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    Welcome to Cameroon Diving Services.

    Underwater diving service providers


    Cameroon Diving Services Ltd (CDS) is one of the leading approved and certified underwater diving service provider, operating along the Cameroon Sea board. CDS Ltd provides dive services for virtually all types of marine and subsea operations, we have the technology and experience to efficiently complete your every project.

    Our diving services are available for:  

    • Cameroon Underwater inspection,
    • Cameroon Underwater maintenance,
    • Cameroon Underwater CCTV,
    • Rope Access,
    • Cameroon Underwater construction 
    • Cameroon underwater welding,
    • Cameroon Offshore Services,
    • Cameroon Hull Cleaning,
    • Cameroon underwater photography,
    • Cameroon underwater Demolition,
    • Cameroon Scuba Diving,
    • cameroun sous marine

    it Call our under water specialist to discuss how we can assist with this project.

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