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    A54 Marketing Group
    A54 Marketing Group
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    B.P 7472 Carrefour Mairie, Bonamousadi, Douala

    T 237 670 66 33 64
    M 237 654 49 76 05

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    A54 marketing specializes in marketing and promoting products and services for companies that have a large base but yet untargeted customers in Cameroon (Africa). We use several simple but effective traditional and modern marketing techniques that pass a clear message to a well identified group of potential clients. These methods guarantee an almost immediate increase in website visits and increase in sales.

    It is obvious that any company relying exclusively on online or digital marketing techniques to reach clients in Cameroon (Africa) will face a lot of challenges in acquiring and sustaining a substantial market share due to the low number of internet users (6.4% of the population,2013 estimates).
    To create sustainable brand awareness and promote your product and services, we propose a combination of marketing methods to reach a majority of your target audience in a cost effective way.

    We work only with companies that we strongly believe that their products or services have a real value to the Cameroonian (African) consumer.
    Any company working with us should expect an increase in brand awareness and sales of their product or service in Africa.

    We are involved in:

    Catalogue and leaflet distribution

    Market research

    Public relations and sponsoring identification

    Print magazine publication and distribution

    Local agent search and representation

    Online marketing

    Radio,TV,Magazine,Newspaper ads (media planning and buying)

    Bespoke marketing and promotion

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