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    La Fondation Solomon Tandeng Muna
    La Fondation Solomon Tandeng Muna
    La Fondation Solomon Tandeng Muna 2.5 5 0

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    Rue De Narvick, Yaoundé

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    The Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation was created in 2002 after the death of the Rt. Honourable Solomon Tandeng Muna, former Prime Minister of West Cameroon, Vice President of the Federal Republic of Cameroon and former President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Cameroon, to honor the memory of Solomon Tandeng Muna and his wife Elisabeth Fri Ndingsa who had passed away earlier, in June 1983.


    It was established by the Muna Family in partial recognition of their contributions and their achievements, but more importantly, to promote some of the ideals and principles they stood for.


    The Foundation seeks to promote, perpetuate, preserve and encourage indigenous cultures and arts, local history and philanthropy, as central issues towards the promotion of values and the quality of life.

    The Patriarch was driven by what he always said -

    “As a teacher, I tried to shape young minds so that they may grow up to be successful and useful citizens within the society. As a politician, I tried to build a just and fair society in which citizens could live in harmony and happiness.”

    Solomon Tandeng Muna

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